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Optimization orchestration Supply Chain Risk Management

Expert solutions that minimize supply chain disruptions.

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Solutions that move you Transportation

Reliable solutions that connect your business to the world.

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Solutions On Demand Warehousing

Flexible solutions when your business depends on it most.

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Complexity simplified Inventory Management

Powerful solutions that help you make better business decisions.

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Out of the box solutions Packaging & Kitting

Innovative solutions that maximize your business's bottom line.

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Adaptive and Flexible Sub-Assembly

Adaptable solutions that easily respond to your changing needs.

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Reliability meets Efficiency Sequencing

Precision solutions that maximize the efficiency of your processes.

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Why James Group

Informed by experience.
With over 50 years of experience, we have what it takes to meet even the most complex logistics challenges.
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Why James Group

Empowered by resources.
With strong financial backing, a growing portfolio of assets, and a focus on continually increasing our value to our customers, James Group provides critical flexibility in a dynamic and often unpredictable environment.
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Why James Group

Driven to optimize.
James Group is focused on helping our customers continually realize greater optimization across all our integrated supply chain solutions.
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Why James Group

Invested in people invested in you.
At James Group, we make people our priority. Across our businesses and at every level of our organization, we invest in the health, safety, and growth of each employee.
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